Ivan Dalia Music


Ivan Dalia is a musical maverick, defying boundaries and weaving together the classical precision of his training with the vibrant tapestry of jazz and the rich traditions of the Mediterranean and South America. Born in Teverola, in the industrial hinterland of Napoli, Ivan’s love affair with music began as a restless and curious child, ultimately choosing the piano as his life partner.

Blind from birth, Ivan is currently based in New York and making waves at iconic venues like Zinc Bar, showcasing his solo and ensemble prowess. In 2023, his solo show, “Culture Is An Infinite Receptacle With No Borders”, took an enchanting ethnohistorical journey through Italian music worldwide. Beyond performance, Ivan’s compositions now grace the big screen and the visual arts, featuring in films like “Gol!a” and Paolo Sorrentino’s “Napoli 24” and the pan-European art project ROSAS.

Ivan first uprooted himself from his beloved Napoli in 2010 to join Berlin’s music scene collaborating with global artists. He released his first self-titled album in 2018 with guest star soloists Fabrizio Bosso and Rosario Giuliani and produced by Fabio Massimo Colasanti. His dynamic performances challenge stereotypes, earning acclaim at the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival and Italia’s Got Talent.

As a child, I was restless with an endless curiosity, so much so, that I was always ending up at the emergency room because I didn’t know my own limitations. My parents desperately searched for something safe to keep me occupied; seeing that I was often glued to the radio, my father bought me some classical music CDs, but we didn’t even have a stereo to play them, so I held them, vaguely detecting the sun’s reflection in these mysterious flat round objects. Then, my father bought me a small piano, but I was only nine and I didn’t study, just messed around. However, by eleven, I had found my passion and it became my life and I can’t imagine one without it”.

Ivan began his musical studies at the Conservatory of Music, San Pietro a Majella in Napoli aged twelve. He graduated in classical piano in 2012 and composition in 2016 with the highest honors. Aged twenty-one, he played and improvised with jazz harmonica legend Toots Thielemans at the Marechiaro Jazz Festival. “The most exciting experience of my life”. Ivan’s life is a musical odyssey that transcends genres and physical and cultural boundaries.